Sir Chester

Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Friends Have Fun - Pop Culture #2

Sudsy Susie is a Phindy's Place image. My nickname growing up was Susie (middle name is Susan) and I love kitties. Sir Chester often sits on the sink and waits for me to get out of the shower. Now I am not a wine and candles while soaking in a bubble bath type, but I loved the image.

Friends Having Fun Pop Culture Challenge is "Sex & the City". Now I am one of the ten people who never watched the show, but I watched the trailer for the new movie coming out in a few days. Shopping/clothes etc seemed to be a theme of the show. Sooooo that is how this card came into being. You shop til you drop and then soak in a bubble bath to recharge for the next round.

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Marlene said...

I love it! Bathtub digis are always so much fun! Very nice!