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Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dearest Aunt Betty

This is my first card as a member of the For Fun Challenge Design Team. The challenge is to make a Mother's Day card. Some of us no longer have Mom in our lives. My mother died 4 years ago.
This card is going to Aunt Betty. Aunt Betty was Mom's best friend from high school til the end. She and Uncle Joe were godparents (in different combinations) for my brothers and me.
I have such wonderful memories of the annual summer picnic at Aunt Betty's house near Chicago. They had a pet goat. The guys would play basketball in the driveway. The best part were the coolers of soft drinks from "Arlington Bottling Company". It was the one time a year that Mom allowed us to have more than one bottle of pop. Notice I said bottle not can. They were short bottles but it still made you feel grown up. Betty helped me through the rough times of Dad's death and Mom's dementia. I know she was hurting inside too. Uncle Joe died almost exactly one year before Dad. It didn't stop her from giving us all she could. Happy Mother's Day, Aunt Betty!


Rose said...

A gorgeous card! I love the flower accent in the center, very pretty! Such a sweet story!


Marlene said...

Aunt Betty sounds like a sweet person. What a beautiful card....I love it!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Betty is one special person to have that card made for her. It's beautiful