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Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Reflection

Friends Having Fun Challenges are set for each Monday of the month. Except May had 5 Mondays instead of 4 so they came up with a different challenge.

              We want to see what Memorial Day makes you think of. Is it the colors, picnics, a day off,              
              swimming? Whatever it is that inspires you about Memorial Day, we want you to make a project 
              reflecting that.

I remember my Dad listening to the Indy 500 race each year while he planted tomatoes and did other yardwork. He normally did not follow any sports, but the Indy 500 and the Olympics he did. The race car image is from Sunshine Stamps. But then as this year's Memorial Day approached I heard people wishing each other a "Happy Memorial Day". This bothered me. It isn't meant to be "happy" or "gloomy" just reflective. A chance to consider our freedoms, our family, our country and how we have achieved the life we live. The image of Miki in the Jeep (Sew Many Cards) seemed purrfect to match up with the race car. We wouldn't be able to enjoy the friendly competition of sports if the military didn't protect us. So this card is a "Thank You" to those former and current members of the military who serve our country. 


Sunshine said...

What a cute card Mary~! I like how you used the two digi's together. Very cheerful card!

Marlene said...

Cute card, Mary! That car is just too much fun!