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Friday, February 19, 2010

Love is ..... Feeding Your Pet Dino

I had been planning this layout since Sarabeth told us that Bugaboo was sponsoring us this week. In browsing through the Bugaboo store I spotted the dinosaur and thought of my middle grandson Zerek. Papa & I have given each of the boys a different bank. These banks are special. They are animal shapes and the coin is fed through a slot at the mouth and zig zags its way to the belly. Zerek's is a dinosaur and he loves to feed his dinosaur. I found dino paper, orange card stock and vine ribbon (Paper Wishes) in my stash and took several pictures of Zerek feeding his dino. Thinking of a petting zoo, I used the Sew Many Cards digi of the heart candy machine as Dino food (altho we know most dinos like candy, Zerek's likes coins). I used an X-acto knife to cut along the edges of some of the dinos. This allowed me to slide the pictures behind the paper and let the dinos be seen. Some lettering cut on the Cricut shares the title. Part of the challenge this time is to use ribbon (the vine ribbon), 3 buttons and something glittery. Well, guess what was in my stash too? 3 glitter buttons. I hope some day Zerek will share this page, along with others, with his kids. Maybe dino will still be living with him but being fed by the next generation.

Check out Bugaboo. A lot has been added to their inventory of digis in the last month or so. I had to get a few more. When you have several hundred, why not? I love digis if you hadn't guessed.


Nancy said...

Great layout, love the dino's !

Anonymous said...

dino's are my favorite! great job :)