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Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Monday, December 21, 2009

Doodle Beans!!!!

Doodle Beans is sponsoring Sew Many Cards DT this month. Jaden is holding one of their digis to let a friend know how important she is. Can't you just see Jaden making this "love" note to his friend? He looks shy, but determined.

There is a link to Doodle Beans on the right hand side of the site. I have to learn how to do a widget. Then you would have the awesome badges to click on. Maybe John *my awesome son" can teach over the holidays. Hint hint. (He checks in every so often to see what is up on the site)

Now, I am actually a little early. This card is not supposed to be posted until Wednesday, but I'll be traveling on Wednesday. I didn't want you to have to wait until evening so I am doing it early. I'm ahead of schedule!! So, you have a sneak peek by stopping by here earlier in the week.

Have a Merry Christmas. Best wishes from Sir Chester and me.

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