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Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prairie Fairy & Copic Colour Challenges

A moose on a Valentine? It works. I had fun with this image. He has such a nice face. "I Love You the Moost" is on the signpost. "To Boldly Go Forward......Together" So this doesn't have to be a Valentine, it can be a love note at any time. I used paper from Great Outdoors Paper Pizazz, moose brads from Paper Wishes and the moose digi from Prairie Fairy.
Triple Decker ice cream cone - the kind the drips all over before you can eat it, unless you like brain freeze. But we order them and enjoy them anyways. The copic colours this week were skin white (vanilla ice cream on top) and sand (the lighter color on the cone) the 3rd color was flesh and I didn't have that one. I used sugared almonds pink for the strawberry ice cream and caribe cocoa for the chocolate. With the snow coming down, a summer scene was so nice. The cone digi is also from Prairie Fairy.


Gwen said...

Mary...I absolutely LOVE the moose!


Anonymous said...

great job with those images mary! i love them :)

be sure to post them in the pf group!