Sir Chester

Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Friday, March 12, 2010

Who Me?

Sew Many Layouts Challenge for this week is to scrapbook your name or the name of someone special to you. While I think the intent was to decorate your name, make it an anagram, use different fonts, etc. I took it in a different direction. I have many names. I was born Mary Susan but my brother started calling me Susie and the rest of the family followed. At school I was Mary Sue. When I met DH he like Mary better than Sue so I became Mary. I started teaching and many of the kids, even high schoolers, would stumble over my last Polish last name so I shortened it to Mrs. Ski. Then 3 children came along and I became Mom. Two are married so I am MIL. Now there are 3 grandsons and I'm Grandma. If there had been more room, my great niece and nephew in Denver used to call me Aunt Doozie before they could say Aunt Susie. So... do you have many names? or do you have many sides to your personality? Scrapbook it and enter the challenge!

Paper Wishes Message Board has a Swap called PW Friends.
The first swap was "What do you like to do other than papercrafting?" Well, I'm addicted to Sudoku. I have a book in my purse, one by my chair, one in the bathroom and another in the bedroom. There is also one on my desk at school. It is a great way to learn a little bit about the people you "talk" to on the message board.

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Crafty Nanny said...

Hi Mary, thank you for becoming a follower and posting my candy on your blog. Love Sudoku!
Sir Chester Katt is a fine looking fellow.

Hugs Sandy