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Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The SUN exists!!

Seeing the sun for the first sustained time in over a week. Even with leafless trees and brownish water the lake looks pretty with sun reflecting off of it. Getting some birthday cards/gifts together. Lauren (older DD) will be 28 a week from Monday. Am I really old enough to have a 28-yr-old?? Then John (only son, middle kid) will be 27 on 12/2. (Yes, they just missed being Irish twins.) Brett (Lauren's husband) our DSIL will be 36 on 12/4.

I had to include this ATC (Artist Trading Card) I made. I have to remember that not all of the family lives in snow-possible areas anymore. While Dallas may get some snow occasionally, TX isn't known for snowmen and drifts. So I am letting Jaden spread the message while leaning over a multicolored, snowfree wall.

I think sitting out on the screen porch (it is in the low 60s, maybe high 50s) for some fresh air and a nap sounds good. Then lunch and more PLAY!!!!!!

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John said...

Wow I'm getting old...27...