Sir Chester

Sir Chester
Sir Chester

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dreaming of You

Sir Chester is dreaming of Michu. The Soft Pencil image being spotlighted today is Michu and the Big Flowers. Sir Chester is catching a nap on the back of the sofa at the lake house. Doesn't he look comfortable? What a life!


Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

Oh, how sweet! I love how this all goes together with the photo. Awesome!

Softpencil said...

You know I LOVE Sir Chester, he´s soooo cute!!! I love your idea of putting together Michu and Sir Chester, your card is so sweet! :)

Kerry said...

Awwww.. Sir Chester is soooo cute dreaming away! Love the layout!!!

Lisa Atha said...

So cute and sweet! Love it!


Cat said...

How adorable! I love how you colored Michu to look like Sir Chester!

Michelle said...

ha,ha,ha - that's too funny! He looks like he's enjoying his dream! Great card :)